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This is the site of the Lyons Family Tree and associated families, "Lyons, Wilson, Daniel and Brown" are the main lines of my genealogy research.

On this site you find photos of some of the churches were family events have taken place, headstones of some of my relatives and of course some photographs of my relatives themselves.

The "Lyons" family originated from Ireland they came across to England in the 1880's, where they settled in the Lanchester area of Durham. From the 1920's they spread their wings and are now found in Nottinghamshire, London, Yorkshire, Wales, Canada. and numerous other places. Other Names of interest include Graham and Robinson.

The "Wilson" family I have traced back to Gateshead area of Durham in the 1830's. Other names of interest include Fairley and Gaskin.

The "Daniel" family came from the Horsforth area of Leeds in the 1770's, they then moved to the Armley Bramley Area. In the early 1900's my branch moved to follow work in the coalfields Other names of interest include Askin Cox (H)etherington and Rhodes

The "Brown" family came from the Kingston area of London up to Leeds in the 1860's were many of them still live. Other names of interest include Hockworth and Impey.

If you believe that you have links to any of the families in the "Lyons Family Tree" and would like further information or to exchange information please do not hesitate to contact me. Have you a website of your own? would like a link from here please let me know.

If you share the surname Lyons and are proud of it then why not join this group on Facebook Lyons of the World Unite

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